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Member FAQs

Login & Password - I can't login or find my password.

Members can reset their passwords by clicking on the forgot password link and following the instructions on screen.   *Resetting your password also works to setup your password for the first time.

Remember to check your junk folder if you do not receive the forgot password email.

If you are still having issues, please contact info@lgaa.ab.ca

Conference Registration - I'm a member but it won't let me register under the member special pricing rate.

The email address you register with must match the email address we have on file for your membership and your current year membership fees must be paid.

If your email address is correct, login to your profile and check that your membership has not lapsed.

If you still are having issues, please contact info@lgaa.ab.ca.

My email address has changed - how can I still access the member area and member rates?

To access the members area of the website (member questions, zone meeting resources, etc), you must login with the email that was used to create your membership.

If your email has changed, (example you are at a new municipality), please contact info@lgaa.ab.ca and provide your new email address and contact details.   Until your new email address has been updated in our membership system, your member login will still be tied to your original email address, used to create your membership.

Membership Renewals - I'm a current member, how do I renew my membership?

Membership renewal invoices will be automatically emailed out to you in January.  Once you receive the emailed invoice, you can pay by credit card online or send a cheque for your membership.  

Membership Renewals - Are membership renewals based on when I joined or a specific date?

LGAA memberships are based on a calendar year.  They run from January 1 - December 31 of the current year.  

Payments - Can I pay invoices online with a credit card?

Yes, all membership invoices and conference/event invoices can now be paid online. There will be a "Pay online" link on all the invoices emailed to you.  You can click the link in the email invoice to pay or login to your profile on the website and go to the Invoices and payments link under your profile to view all invoice history and pay o/s invoices.

Member Questions Forum - How do I post a reply or ask a new question?

  • Members will need to login to post a reply to an existing question as well as to create a new question.
  • After logging in, visit the Member Questions page.  Once logged in, you will see a Reply button on existing posts and an Add Topic button to post a new question.

Member Questions Forum - Can I subscribe to the LGAA Member Question Forum or just to a specific topic?

You can do both!  You must be logged into the website to subscribe.
    • To subscribe to a topic, go to the Member Questions page and click on the topic that you are interested in.  Then click the 'subscribe to topic' link.  
    • To subscribe to the forum (all topics) and get updates on all posts and replies, on the Member Question page you will see a link to subscribe to the forum or use this link subscribe today

Member Questions Forum - I've subscribed to the LGAA Member Question Forum.  How do I change the frequency that I receive updates?

After subscribing, you will receive notifications on a daily basis. You can change the frequency of the notifications to immediate or weekly in your member profile.

Members can login to the website and click their Name at the top right of the website and click view profile to access their member profile.  Under the 'My Profile' page, click on the Email subscription link.  Click Edit Profile.  At the bottom of the page, under Forum subscription section, choose Daily, Weekly or Immediately for notifications of updates.  Click Save before you exit.  

Please note: To subscribe to the LGAA Question Forum, you must visit the LGAA Member Questions page, login and click on the Subscribe link.  You can only edit the frequency that you receive notifications in your profile, you can't subscribe within your profile.


Questions about Membership Renewals or Conference Registration? 

Visit our Member FAQ page


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